Artist Statement


I am a visionary artist.
Capturing an individual's personality and illustrating it onto the surface of their body offers me a way to express my vision directly. When one looks at a face, they often do not truly understand the expression presented. By applying makeup, I bring attention to the emotions that I am extracting from them. Bodies are my canvas and painting on them allows me to create art on people, bringing the art itself to life. The beauty is the synthesis: the models, the paint, and their spirit. 

My paintings are meant to give people a visionary experience. They expose my subconscious mind, illustrating my own visionary spirit as much as they reveal the models. Formal elements are important in my art. The colors, the shapes, the lines and the forms; their seemingly random nature invariably attracts the eye. By looking into my paintings, I hope to mesmerize people and allow them to have a colorful, and unique. experience. 
I hope that by painting on canvases and on people, I am able to visually illustrate the human soul, allowing everyone to feel the art I am creating.